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Allantoin, Niacinamide and Dragon Blood, What Do They Do To Your Skin?

Allantoin Moisturize Skin?

SkinPerfection by Bluevert, A Potent Active Skincare That Has Allantoin, Niacinamdie and Dragon Blood


Plants that contain Allantoin include Chamomile, Wheat Sprouts, Sugar Beet, and Comfrey, a purple flowered herb. It has the chemical formula C4H6N4O3 and is a 5-ureidohydantoin or glyoxyldiureide.  Allantoin is found naturally in a variety of bacteria and animals, in addition to plants. It was created by German scientists using Uric Acid as a starting material. 

Allantoin has healing, relaxing, and moisturizing effects. Comfrey leaves have been used to treat minor cuts and swelling for years. In today’s anti-aging serums, Allantoin is a popular ingredient. 


Benefits of Allantoin for Skin  

1. Moisturizing Agent 

2. Exfoliant 

3. Soothing Quality 

4. Provides Wound Healing Property 

5. Provides Hydration 

6. Proliferation of cells 

7. Anti-aging properties 


What is Niacinamide? What does Niacinamide do for the skin? 

It’s a kind of vitamin B3 that can be found in whole grains and some greens. The most common synthetic forms of this ingredient are used in serums and moisturizers. 

Niacinamide strengthens the skin barrier (the outer layer of the skin) and enhances texture by making  pores appear smaller. It also helps to regulate oil production and is suitable for all skin types. 


1. Immunity 

Niacinamide aids in the formation of keratin, a protein that helps keep the skin strong and stable. 


2. Lipid Barrier 

Niacinamide can aid in the formation of a ceramide (lipid) barrier on your skin, which can aid in the retention of moisture. This is good for all skin types, but particularly for eczema and mature skin. 


3. Minimizes Redness and Blotchiness 

Niacinamide relieves redness caused by eczema, acne, and other inflammatory skin disorders by  reducing inflammation. 


4. Minimizes Pore Appearance 

Maintaining a smooth and moisturized complexion can result in a natural reduction in pore size over time. 


5. Regulates oil 

Moisture preservation is beneficial to people of all skin types, not just those with dry skin.  Niacinamide may also help to control the amount of oil produced by your sebaceous glands, preventing them from going into overdrive. 


6. Protects against sun damage 

Niacinamide has the ability to regenerate healthy skin cells while also protecting them from UV ray  damage. 


7. Treats hyperpigmentation 

According to research studies, niacinamide concentrations of 5% will help lighten dark spots. After  four weeks, benefits were visible, but not after two months. This advantage could be attributed to  increased collagen output. 


8. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles 

According to research, the same concentration was also effective in reducing some of the signs of  ageing caused by sun damage. This includes wrinkles and fine lines. 


9. Protects against oxidative stress 

Niacinamide protects skin cells from environmental stresses such as heat, pollution, and toxins while  also assisting in cell growth.


10. Treats acne 

Niacinamide may be beneficial in the treatment of severe acne, especially inflammatory forms such  as papules and pustules. You can notice less lesions and improved skin texture over time. 


Elastin Skin Benefits:  

Elastin is the body’s second most abundant protein. Elastin is a protein that gives the skin structure and  allows it to reshape after stretching or contracting. Unfortunately, our elastin levels start to decline as  we get older. This causes skin elasticity to deteriorate, as well as the development of wrinkles and fine  lines. 


The cosmetic benefits of Dragon’s Blood  

1. Natural anti-aging solution 

2. It’s great for acne-prone skin 

3. Deeply moisturizing 

4. Anti-Diarrheal Properties 

5. Antibacterial Abilities 

6. Anti-Wrinkle 

7. Elasticity 


A Perfect  Premium Antiwrinkle and Age Defyer With Above Ingredients.


Benefits of Ultimate Facial Cream



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