Best Healthy Ways to Prevent Gestational Diabetes

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According to 2016 survey research data, 6.1% of women had gestational diabetes who were overweight. During pregnancy, the metabolism of the pregnant body changes, which results in the fluctuation of the mother’s body hormones. If the blood glucose level increased up to the maximum blood sugar level then a woman will be considered to have gestational diabetes. Well, women can control gestational diabetes by doing some healthy dietary changes in their lifestyles and eating habits.

How can you prevent gestational diabetes through diet?

Nutrition Therapy in Managing Pregnant Women With Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy, mothers are advised to eat a healthy balanced diet. It is essential to include different food groups in your eating patterns for a healthy pregnancy and baby, that’s how you will receive all the essential nutrients which are required for proper growth and development of baby. The risk of gestational diabetes is more common in those women who are obese. First of all, you need to follow a healthy diet plan that is rich in essential nutrients and has a reduced amount of calories and fat. We know that glucose is important for the nourishment and development of the baby. But we can control diabetes, by including a fewer amount of carbohydrates in the diet. So, it's important to maintain the blood glucose level by control over the intake of carbohydrates.

How exercise helps in preventing gestational diabetes?

Exercise for pregnant women for preventing gestational diabetes

Pregnant women are usually advised to walk for at least 30min to control gestational diabetes. Daily exercises keep your blood sugar level in control. Low impact exercises such as swimming might be helpful but high impact exercises like soccer and skiing are too risky during pregnancy. Consult your health professional or dietician for a safe exercise plan. Your health consultant will properly guide you that which exercise is suitable for your health, and body.

Can dietary supplements help in preventing gestational diabetes?

According to the research data, some dietary supplements help in preventing gestational diabetes. Omega-3 Fatty Acid is claimed to be useful in controlling blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Vitamin D deficiency might be the risk of getting gestational diabetes. However, there is no sufficient data to support that these supplements can be helpful for all pregnant women.

On the other hand, Myo-inositol has a potential effect in controlling gestational diabetes. It makes insulin work better, but it is not clear that it will help in reducing the consequential complications of gestational diabetes during birth.

How medications help in controlling gestational diabetes?

Metformin might help in preventing gestational diabetes. Various research studies support the intake advantage of metformin to control blood glucose levels. However, it is the only advantage for very obese or overweight women. It is officially not recommended to use during pregnancy because of its side effects such as diarrhea and body sickness. Glibenclamide may also be prescribed to control diabetes. Must consult your doctor if you are at high risk of gestational diabetes.


Women who are obese or overweight are more likely to get gestational diabetes than women with normal body weight. Gestational diabetes is associated with a wide range of adverse health consequential complications for both women and their babies. There is an urgent need to plan strategies for the treatment of gestational diabetes such as combined diet and exercise interventions.



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  • Neda Cheraghi on

    I am satisfied because I have taken some your products in my lifestyle and it was suitable and useful for me and my family

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