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Bluevert, Where the Power of Marine Microalgae Meets Cosmetics and Science

SkinPerfection by Bluevert

An INNOVATIVE and Revolutionary Skincare, SUSTAINABLY Produced and Ecofriendly Packaged for Correcting Wrinkles, Restoring Facial and Eye Contours, Soothing, Depigmenting,  Regenerating Cells and Repairing Damaged Areas

Made in Spain , Now AVAIALBLE in North American Market : USA and Canada 


  • Microalgae are eukaryotic microorganisms, just like the cells of our body. Thanks to the Plasmarine Active Complex ™ the bioavailability of nutrients improves in an organic way compared to the rest of the laboratories that perform it by chemical synthesis.
  • Skin Perfection by Bluevert presents its customers a laboratory that’s unique in the world and a pioneer of true smart cosmetics. Our Mission has been producing  high cosmetic formulas, powerful and versatile, that contain active ingredients in clinically effective concentrations capable of adapting to the different needs of your skin.

Our dedication to science has established the Bluevert as a leader in the advanced skincare arena.

Bluevert™ aims to improve skin health through potent, multi-tasking formulas containing active ingredients at effective clinical percentages.

We manufacture safe, effective and high-quality products, tailored for every skin type, thus following our pledge for the well-being of the skin while also contributing to the sustainability of our Planet.

What Differentiate SkinPerfection by Bluevert from Other Skincare Products

  • By Our Innovative Sustainable Production of Active Patented Ingredient named “Plasmarine” from Marine Source and Made in Spain from the heart of ocean
  • By Our Cruelty-Free, Clinically Tested High-Performance Skincare Products
  • By Our potent ingredients sourced sustainable: Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Bioceramides, Dragon’s Blood, Allantoin and few more
  •  By Our Multi-Continent sales and overrated consumer satisfaction since our first launch

We Value Preserving our Planet!!

Our Marine Microalgae present in PLASMARINE ACTIVE COMPLEX™ are grown in one of the most innovative biotechnological facilities in the world, using exclusive, ecological and 100% sustainable technology that recycles CO2 into oxygen while simultaneously preserving and cleaning the oceans.

We Brought You Innovative Revolutionary Solution

We found in our oceans, the best-kept secret of the origin of life, a secret that contains the formula for longevity and oxygenation – Marine Microalgae. Bluevert ™ uses biotechnology to unlock the full potential of these single-celled beings, having developed the complex PLASMARINE ACTIVE COMPLEX™, a unique and patented key ingredient, of natural and sustainable origin.

This ingredient is present in all Bluevert ™ formulas in order to bring you all its Incredible Benefits. They are listed below


Learn More about Ecofriendly and Sustainable Active AntiWrinkle, Anti Dark Circle, Anti Puffiness, Anti Acne and Blemish, Age Defyer, Soothing, Repairing and AntiOxidant  Active Skincare Products From Span in Our Shop


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