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Chlorella Vulgaris Extract: An Essential Ingredient for Human Skin

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract Cosmetic

Chlorella Vulgaris

Introduction of Chlorella Vulgaris

Microalgae are a diverse group of single-celled and multiple-celled microorganisms that have survived all sorts of severe environmental conditions to become the oldest surviving organisms on earth. They have been used to provide nutrition to humans and animals for centuries. Chlorella is one such single-celled algae with substantial nutritional value enriched with proteins, minerals, lipids, etc. The focus on Chlorella Vulgaris, as a healthy source has increased just a few decades back as research proved that Chlorella has a range of health benefits-ranging from hypertension to fibromyalgia. The market of Chlorella is bound to grow in the coming years, and more people become aware of its health benefits. [1]


Composition of Chlorella Vulgaris

1. Proteins

2. Lipids

3. Polysaccharides

4. Chlorophyll

5. Vitamins and minerals


Medical researchers have found the protein content of Chlorella Vulgaris to be higher at 45.23%, followed by carbohydrate (23.43%) and total lipid (18.12%). Minerals components were recorded in the following order: Magnesium > Calcium > Iron > Manganese > Zinc > Copper. “Vitamin B3” was recorded higher (13.3 mg/100 g), while “Vitamin B12   has shown a lesser amount (0.21 mg/100 g). The pigments like chlorophyll a, b and carotenoids were found, to be 4.7 mg/g, 4.2 mg/g, and 6.11 mg/g, in chlorella extract, respectively.[2]


Health Benefits of Chlorella Vulgaris

Chlorella produces a lutein molecule, which has been proved to prevent and treat macular degeneration and has anti-cataract properties. Chlorella extracts have been acknowledged for having activity against tumors, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial activities. Chlorella helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, speed up the wound healing process, and augment the immune system. It aids in relieving symptoms and improve people’s lifestyle with fibromyalgia, hypertension, and ulcerative colitis. Chlorella repressed the aortic atheromatous lesions and caused significant suppression of the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels.[3, 4]


Functions of Chlorella vulgaris in Skincare

It is also worth mentioning that “Chlorella vulgaris extract is loaded with amino acids such as lysine, proline, glycine, and alanine, all of which are the essential building blocks of proteins and constitute each collagen unit”. Its large amino acid component can reform and smooth out the skin’s surface, particularly with scarred or aging skin.

Chlorella extracts is a skin conditioning and protecting agent. Chlorella vulgaris have powerful anti-aging benefits. It is a rich source of carotenoids- a family of nutrients that, when ingested, deposit into the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of UV rays such as pigmentation, sunburn, and skin cancer, etc. “Korean researchers” had exposed that Chlorella vulgaris blocked the growth of “human colon cancer cells”. Other studies have shown that it can improve skin firmness, significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and be particularly useful in treating any skin tissue suffering from physical aggression such as during pregnancy, and sunbathing, etc.


Role of Chlorella, as an Ingredient for Cosmetics 

Microalgal extracts are an abundant source of bioactive proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoid pigments such as astaxanthin. Chlorella vulgaris extract has anti-aging benefits. Many studies reveal that its ingredients can prevent the breakdown of the skin’s collagen and elasticity and increase the production of more collagen.



Algae has been living on the surface of the earth for the last billions of years. Chlorella is also once such alga. Although present for years on the earth, its nutrition profile and other health benefits have been studied recently. Chlorella Vulgaris Extract has been shown to have an overabundance of nutrients ranging from proteins to lipids to carbohydrates. Chlorella has proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antitumor properties.

As the population is on a boom, day by day, the need and demand for nutritious food and health products are also increasing concurrently. Chlorella Vulgaris is indeed a superfood of the future. The future market potential is estimated to be billions of dollars. Still, the market is slowing down by challenges such as high production costs and lack of awareness among the general public. Hence, more research is required to reduce the production costs associated with Chlorella Vulgaris and must educate people about the amazing properties of this spectacular microorganism called- Chlorella. 


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