Gestational Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

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In this blog, we will discuss one of the most important topic which is “Gestational Diabetes”.


Gestational diabetes is one the most common type of diabetes that only appears in women who are pregnant. It happens when your blood sugar level exceeds the normal sugar level of blood. High blood sugar levels may cause harm that can affect the health of your baby and make your pregnancy at risk. So, it is in your hand that how would you take care of your baby’s health and your pregnancy too. Here, I will discuss some important health and dietary tips that can save your baby’s health and will help you in preventing gestational diabetes during your pregnancy.

First of all, I will discuss some common signs and symptoms that you must know if you are pregnant and having a problem like gestational diabetes.

What are the symptoms of gestational diabetes?

Usually, pregnant women can’t find out the symptoms due to other illnesses during pregnancy. But some women’s reported the symptoms of gestational diabetes that they feel during their pregnancy. Mostly, pregnant mothers feel hungry and thirsty due to gestational diabetes, and some of them also reported that they have frequent urination problems during their pregnancy after getting gestational diabetes.

What are the main causes of gestational diabetes?

Normally, the hormones of the human body control the blood sugar level. Due to various changes in your body’s hormones in pregnancy, the level of insulin in the blood becomes low. As a result, your blood sugar level rises and sugar molecules begin to build up in your body's cells. It depends on your sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. You can easily control gestational diabetes by taking control of your diet.

Risk factors of gestational diabetes:

Pregnant women’s are at a greater risk of getting gestational diabetes if they are suffering from these medical problems:

How would I diagnose gestational diabetes?

If you are noticing the symptoms of gestational diabetes in your body, go for your blood sugar test. The blood sugar test may have 2 parts.

  1. Glucose Challenge test (after one hour of the intake of sweet fluid)
  2. Glucose tolerance test (fasting for eight hours before the test)

Your doctor will check your blood sugar level by taking the samples of your blood. If both tests results show higher sugar level then you will have gestational diabetes problem.

Complications of gestational diabetes:

High blood sugar may lead to different kinds of problems that affect your pregnancy and baby’s health.

Complications that may affect your baby’s health:

If a mother is suffering from gestational diabetes, then your baby is at more risk of the following conditions:

Complications that may affect mother’s health:

How I can prevent gestational diabetes?

Read the best healthy ways to prevent gestational diabetes.

How can I take care of my diet during pregnancy?

Read the Complete Guide of Healthy Diet during Pregnancy


Gestational diabetes has become the most common rising problem among mothers who are pregnant. You may get gestational diabetes because of hormonal changes during your pregnancy. Increased blood sugar levels may lead to different kinds of medical problems that cause your pregnancy and baby's health at risk. You can control your high blood sugar level by taking care of your diet, nutrition, and healthy active lifestyle.



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