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SOOTHING EYE CONTOUR, Vegan Antiwrinkle, Eye Puffiness and Dark Circle

Bluevert, SOOTHING EYE CONTOUR, Ecofriendly Eye Cream, Liposomal Retinol Eye Cream, AntiWrinkle, Anti Puffiness, Dark Circle, intensely moisturize and correct fine wrinkle, providing Antioxidant protection. Soothing Eco eye cream is natural Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Dark Circles, Crows Feet, Puffiness, Under Eye Bags

Vegan Friendly, Sustainable and Ecofriendly Eye Cream, Perfect Anti Dark Circle and Puffiness and Potent Antiwrinkle, Age Defyer and Soothing 

Clinically Proven and Science-Backed Vegan-Friendly Skincare, SkinPerfection by Bluevert, SOOTHING EYE CONTOUR is a unique Marine Microalgae Active Skincare, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti Puffiness and Anti Dark Circle with active ingredients to promote intense hydration, regeneration, and renewal in this very sensitive area.

This eye cream has a potent anti-wrinkle action and reduces puffiness and dark circles revealing a bright, young and rested look.

Lightweight eye cream for hypersensitive skin helps reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness and Intensely Moisturizes while providing Antioxidant protection. Our eye cream is also a natural Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Dark Circles, Crows Feet, Puffiness, Wrinkles, Under Eye Bags. 


  • Global Anti-aging
  • Anti-puffiness
  • Anti-Dark Circles (vascular and pigmented)
  • Highly Effective Anti-wrinkles
  • Intense Hydrating
  • Improved microcirculation

Vegan Friendly Active Skincare RECOMMENDED FOR/WHEN:

  • Correction and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Dark circles that are purple (vascular) or brown (pigmented);
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Bags;
  • Lack of hydration and nutrition in the contour area;
  • Use as a primer for concealer, prevents it from cracking.

Presentation: 15ml / 0,3 oz-Glass jar + Cardboard box, Sustainable and Eco-friendly, Vegan Friendly Eye Cream, Dermatologically Tested just for you


Apply the amount equivalent to a grain of rice in the contour area with small touches or with a light massage from the outside to the inside to promote the drainage of the area.

It can be applied to the mobile eyelid as long as it is not greasy.

* Contraindicated for use in pregnancy


Off-white eye contour balm with a creamy and moisturizing texture. It has the marine scent that characterizes the line. In contact with the skin, it melts, providing a sensation of instant freshness and comfort.

Main Active Ingredients: 

Plasmarine Active Complex™

Multi-action anti-aging concentrate: anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, firming, repairing, anti-spot, soothing and protective.

Vitamin K - Ox

It favours microcirculation and strengthens the vascular wall for the treatment of dark circles.

Liposomal Retinol Ester (1%)

Visibly reduces wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis

Tranexamic Acid

Improves inflammatory response and reduces puffiness.

Treats and prevents hyperpigmentation of the skin.


Shea Butter

Antioxidant and decongestant effect for bags; improves circulation in the area.

Moisturizing and emollient. Helps to regenerate and soften the skin, protecting it from external factors

SOOTHING EYE CONTOUR , Anti Puffiness and Dark Circles, Antiwrinkle.
SOOTHING EYE CONTOUR , Anti Puffiness and Dark Circles, Antiwrinkle.
SOOTHING EYE CONTOUR , Anti Puffiness and Dark Circles, Antiwrinkle.

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