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About Us

Our Mission



We are Proudly a Canadian Health and Nutrition Blog that Women-Owned and Led. We are having purpose and perseverance to increase Health, Wellness and Beauty scores in our female community and grow to extend our premium service beyond borders .    
Moreover, as experienced medical and health professionals and practitioners responsibly concern about Earth and the Next Generation , we aimed to challenge ourselves to Be Environmental Stewards in Raising Awareness About Ecofriendly and Sustainable Solutions that Enhance Overall Feeling of Health, Wellness and Beauty , With a great deal of Focus on Women's Segment and Amongst them we've targeted conditions and concern related to Seniors, Who Give a Care to an Elderly and finally all Women In Business.
For This Reason, We are constantly checking the latest publications or news, update our practices and bringing you Knowledge of Quality and our Best Practices through Sharing of Genuine Plagiarism-Free Medical Writings (Either as Blogs or As eBooks). 

We are devoted to only use Verified Health And Medical Resources for Creating our Content and they are all from Various Medical Libraries across North America.   


We include Common Female Health and Medical Conditions in Productive Age and  more importantly Senior Age Groups and try to cover its Easy Accessible Natural Remedies that help less mental and physical burden for the said conditions.



We are Doing our Best to Descriptively address these everyday Health, Wellness and Beauty concerns with Thoughtfully Chosen Solutions that match your needs.



Please Feel Free to Contact Us and Ask Us for More Details.  If You Suffer from Any Symptoms and Signs or You Need More Explanation About a Remedy for a Condition Please Fill Our Contact Form. 



Once Again We Emphasize on our Core Belief which is saving Earth for the next generations to Come, Therefore, We do our best to share products and services that match ecofriendly and sustainable definitions if we are going to do so .   



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Our Team


Shabnam is an internationally graduate Family Physician and  successful Serial Entrepreneur and Certified Project Professional. The idea of  focused mental and health services for Aging Women in Business came to her mind in 2016 and since then Young and Blissful have learned and transformed to be a pioneer in focused target women health conditions and issues. 



Dr. Shabnam Sh.

Serial Entrepreneur in Health and Medical Industry

- Young and Blissful - Digital Transformation Strategist in Healthcare Industry




Dn. Maira Ahsan

Diet and Nutritionist - Experienced Life Science Content Writer

-  Young and Blissful - Social Media Manager 


Nilli Haririan 

Project Coordinator   

-  Marketing Strategy Consultant

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