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Our Mission

We Aimed to Challenge Ourselves for Being Environmental Stewards in Enhancing Overall Feeling of Health, Wellness and Beauty and Assisting with Transition to a Greener World with Ecofriendly and Sustainable Products.

For This Reason, Obviously, We Raise Awareness Through Sharing Quality Articles which is being written by our team of Medical and Health Professionals and out of Verified Health And Medical Libraries available in North America.

We address your everyday health, wellness and beauty concerns with these Mindfully and Thoughtfully Chosen Topics for your greater good and through that lead you to novel ecofriendly and sustainable Solutions.

Our Team

Shabnam is a internationally graduate Family Physician and  "Young and Blissful" Founder with outstanding experiences in initiating and launching complex multidisciplinary projects and businesses in the Healthcare and Medical industries in Canada and Elsewhere.

With a great deal of intel about market trends and emerging situations toward eco-friendly and sustainable products and greener Earth, she gathered an expert team to develop and launch this store to bring a meaningful change in mindful shopping habits across North America with Greener, Cleaner, Sustainable and Eco-Friendlier Health, Wellness and Beauty Products.

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Dr. Shabnam Shokoufi

Founder and President

Dana PharMed Inc.


Dn. Maira Ahsan

Diet and Nutritionist
Scientific Content Writer