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ADVANCED DAY SERUM, Age Defyer, Firming, Anti-Oxidant, AntiAging

Clinically Proven Vegan Friendly Sustainable Antiwrinkle, Antioxidant, Anti Spots, Soothing, Repairing, Moisturizer and Antiaging Serum, Bluevert Advanced Day Serum stimulates collagen synthesis, increasing firmness Prevents, minimizes deep wrinkle, restoring skin density and elasticity. skin rejuvenated, hydrated and nourished.

Vegan Friendly, Sustainable and Ecofriendly Advanced Day Serum, The True Age DefyerIlluminatingAntiOxidant, Anti Spots, Antiwrinkle, Soothing, Repairing and Firming Serum,

A Cruelty-Free, Clinically Tested and Proven High-Performance Vegan-Friendly Skincare, A high cosmetic formula, powerful and versatile, contain active ingredients in Clinically Effective Concentrations capable of Soothing, Moisturizing, Repairing, Rejuvenating 

Clinically Proven and Science-Backed Skincare, SkinPerfection by Bluevert, Advanced Day Serum is a Super Potent Advanced Antiaging and Antioxidant Day Serum

Dermatologist's Recommended for a Daily Skincare Routine that stimulates Collagen Synthesis, increasing Firmness due to the synergy with a potent active ingredient: DMAE.

Advanced Day Serum prevents and Minimizes the look of deep wrinkles while Restoring skin Density and Elasticity. The skin appears Rejuvenated, Bright, more Hydrated, and Nourished.

Advanced Day Serum, with high antioxidant power, enhances the Luminosity of the skin, Corrects and Prevents Blemish and evens the tone while recovering the Elasticity and Natural Firmness of the face.


  • Skins with a dull or fatigued tone, which need a supply of energy and vitality;
  • Skins that require the elimination and prevention of small spots;
  • Skins with loss of firmness;
  • Skin aging concern;
  • To achieve skin tone uniformity.

Presentation: 30ml / 1,0 oz - glass dropper bottle with plastic top + Cardboard box, Sustainable and Eco-friendly Dermatologically Tested Skincare selection just for you.

    Use: Apply a small amount of ADVANCED DAY SERUM, in the morning with gentle movements. Afterward, apply the SkinPerfection Ultimate Facial Cream and your Sun protector.


    Fluid texture that’s rapidly absorbed, an antioxidant mix that makes the skin glow, making it look hydrated, nourished and plump. Its pleasant aroma with marine notes makes its application a nice sensorial experience.

    Main Active Ingredients: 

    Plasmarine Active Complex™

    Multi-action anti-aging concentrate: anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, firming, repairing, anti-spot, soothing and protective.

    Pure Vitamin C

    (L-Ascorbic Acid 15%; pH3.0)

    Acidic pH guarantees its penetration and stability. (pH = 3)

    Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin (advantage over derivatives)

    Ferulic Acid (0,05%)


    Prevents lipid degradation by improving the skin barrier action

    Anti-Aging Peptide

    (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8)

    Generates muscle relaxation achieving the "botox-like" effect

    DMAE (DiMethyl


    The immediate flash effect ; instantly regains firmness.

    Delay, prevent and stop the loss of firmness with a long-term cumulative effect. Stimulates the thickening of collagen fibres and elastin.


    Hyaluronic Acid

    (Different Molecular Weights)

    High, medium and low Molecular Weights combination

    High molecular weight:

    Generates a protective layer and prevents loss of skin hydration.

    Medium and low molecular weights:

    The filling function allows to accumulation large amount of water.

    Provides extra hydration to enhance the effectiveness of the rest of the active ingredients.

    ADVANCED DAY SERUM, Age Defyer, Firming, Anti-Oxidant, AntiAging.
    ADVANCED DAY SERUM, Age Defyer, Firming, Anti-Oxidant, AntiAging.
    ADVANCED DAY SERUM, Age Defyer, Firming, Anti-Oxidant, AntiAging.

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