tablet stand canada
tablet stand canada
tablet stand canada
tablet stand canada
tablet stand canada
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MizStudio Tablet Stand: Code MTS1001

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All wooden MizStudio stands have been produced for convenient long-term use with Environment-Friendly material and production technology. This brand is proud to established and operated by a team of capable Persian women.

MizStudio Tablet Stand is committed to buying its raw materials from local companies that cultivated their wood in special farms. Finger Joint Technology has been used to connect wooden pieces together and basically, it means avoiding excessive cutting of trees.

Advantages Of Finger Joint Technology

Strength: The strength of finger joint wood is good and finger joint wood is stronger than conventional dimension lumber.

Stability: The chances of warping and twisting are less on the finger joint.

Straightness: The pieces of finger joint wood pieces are straight and true.

Consistency: It is made up of small pieces of high-quality wood ensuring the end product is always of premium quality.

Dimensions: 1.8 * 13 * 28 cm

Groove Dimensions: (cm) Width: 1.3     Length: 24.2     depth: 1.3

Weight: 200 gr

Material: Persian (Oriental ) Beech Wood: Beech Tree has 10 to 13 species worldwide, among them, Oriental Beech or Iranian Rash only grows in Iran. It has no Odor, so, perfectly used for products claiming "no allergic reaction".

Tablet Stand Canada is Great for mobile and tablet up to 8 Inches both vertically and horizontally, a Great Gift Idea for your partner, colleague, Mom, Dad,...

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